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Yuri Plisetsky x reader Flirting on ice chapter 1 by mimeayy Yuri Plisetsky x reader Flirting on ice chapter 1 :iconmimeayy:mimeayy 29 0


Subjected To Art (Deidara x Readerx Sasori) Ch. 1
A/N: I've recently gotten back into watching Naruto. It  really surprised me how there aren't many Deidara x reader x Sasori fics. So I decided to write a short DeidaraxReaderxSasori one-shot, although I COULD CONSIDER MAKING IT INTO A STORY. :) So, hope to get your feedback! :) I do not own Naruto.
WARNING: Contains mild-swearing and a slightly suggestive ending.
Ch. 1: Subject of Art
For the umpteenth time of the day, a certain blonde artist sighed as he looked at the clay scattered across his table. It was a quiet day in the Akatsuki hideout, and this bored Deidara to no end. Silence was the only thing heard by the blonde as he sat quietly by his desk in his room. Picking up a lump of clay, he started moulding it with his palms, and a generic bird was formed. What Deidara did next would have surprised anyone who caught him in the act. The blonde threw his creation against the wall, breaking the little clay figurine before sighing yet again.
“My art is becoming quite gen
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milk. /nishinoya x reader
Nishinoya fount himself in a raging battle with his girlfriend, [y/n], about one of the silliest things probably ever : milk. [y/n] had been encouraging the short yet bubbly male to drink the refreshing glass of milk she had presented him with before heading to school but he glared at it with great detest with with bottom lip sinking lower and lower the more he looked at the substance.
"Yuu?" The female questioned as she sat opposite him at the table with a plate of pancakes and milk herself. He ignored her as he continued to glare at the glass almost forgetting to breathe in the moment. She stared at him with peculiar eyes until she followed his ochre orbs to what he was looking at. The glass of milk. She questioned this for a moment before she started to address the matter, "do you not like milk?"
Nishinoya snapped out of his trance and turned his attention to his girlfriend who was looking at him with a smirk etched onto her lips and her eyes opened a lot wider than usual in the exp
:icondeaththekidfics:deaththekidfics 141 13
[Special 4] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
“Hm? Something you need, [First]?” the blonde asks as you take a seat between him and Isabel at the worn-down table.
“I was wondering…how did you and Levi meet? Isabel already told me how she met him, but what about you?” you inquire, tilting your head in his direction.
“Yeah, yeah, I wanna know too!” Isabel pipes in, pulling her knees to her chest and settling her head atop of them.
“Okay, okay, I’ll tell you.” Farlan chuckles, leaning back against his chair and smirking into the candlelight.
“It all started a couple of years ago…”
A tall man loomed over Levi, making a show of cracking his large knuckles as he stared down at the much shorter male. Glancing behind him, three others lingered in the shadows, snickering but ultimately preventing escape. Despite being outnumbered, Levi didn’t look the least bit fazed.
“Shall we kill you before or after we take your money?
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 153 12
[Special 3] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
“Hey…what’s wrong with Isabel?” Farlan questions, cutting your conversation with Levi short. Your attention diverts from Levi to follow the blonde’s finger towards what looks like a constipated Isabel.
“Is she alright?” you ask worriedly, brows furrowing.
“About that. That’s her ‘I’m-so-hungry-I-could-eat-a-horse’ face. Don’t worry about it,” Levi deadpans. He could have just waved a hand dismissively, but his tone suggests it, and you can’t help but chuckle lightly at his blunt sense of humor. You’d always been somewhat envious of how close the three were, but you knew they were all gradually warming up to you. Levi included. His response was proof of that budding friendship, and for now, it satisfied you.
Before your thoughts could travel any farther, a terrible screeching sound assaults your ears, and you instinctively raise both hands to cover them, grimacing all the while.
“Oi! Do
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 126 4
[Special 2] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
“Do it again.”
You bite back a groan, knowing that you’ll only get in trouble if you complain. Oh how you wished you could be downstairs, chatting with Isabel and Farlan instead of cleaning with Levi.
But no, a certain someone insisted that you have a bonding moment with Levi, and that certain someone also wanted to get out of their own chores.
So here you were, fulfilling that person’s role of cleaning and bonding with Levi. Although you were a bit skeptical about the latter. It seemed that no matter how many times you cleaned, it was never enough. This was your fifth time scrubbing the same floorboard, and he still wasn’t satisfied.
“Tch. That barrel’s leaking. It’s going to stain the floor,” Levi mutters irritably as he stops dusting to approach said barrel. “[First], go grab a towel. I’m going to teach you how to properly-”
He doesn’t get to finish, nor do you get to complain when the
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 208 34
[Special] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
“Come on! We gotta celebrate!” Isabel announces, grabbing your and Levi’s wrists and pulling you both towards a nearby restaurant. Farlan stands not too far behind her, shaking his head in disbelief.
“Isabel, I know you’re excited and all, but we don’t have that much money and-”
“Big whoop! We’ll be long gone before they can catch us,” again, she dismisses Farlan while at the same time, placing that focus on Levi. “Please Big Bro? Just this once?”
Levi looks unamused, but he says nothing. Isabel grins, taking his silence as a yes.
“It’s settled then. Come on, [First]! Tonight, you and I feast like queens!”
The table is small, but it’s big enough to fit your group. Since the two chairs facing each other are occupied by Farlan and Isabel, you sit beside Levi and watch as Isabel happily wolfs down her dinner.
“Slow down, or you’re gonna choke, idiot,” Farlan grins, dropp
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[Chapter 9] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
You don’t thank the soldier as he leaves, waiting for him to turn the corner before you turn the knob. Just as you enter the room, the other door swings open and Levi steps in.
“Levi?” you take a step closer but stop when your eyes drop to the object in his hand. Although it was wrapped in white linen, you can clearly see the blood staining the cloth. And upon closer inspection, you see that he’s holding a pocketknife.
“Levi, [First], you’re back,” Farlan pokes his head out from the bedroom before you can ask whose blood it is. Farlan looks at you when you don’t respond, and noticing your gaze is fixated towards Levi, he trails your eyes. His voice drops significantly. “Did you kill them?”
Your brows furrow at Farlan’s comment, but as expected, you don’t get an answer from Levi. Instead, he pulls off his cape, carelessly tossing it to the floor and it is in that moment, that you know something
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[Chapter 8] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
You bristle at the sight of the four ends of a rifle being pointed at you, glaring at the cool-headed male in the center. With a wave of his hand, the soldiers lower their weapons, although one wrong move would have you shot in a second.
“At ease. I won’t hurt you.”
You snort, your eyes making a quick sweep over his small band of soldiers. “Could have fooled me.”
You see the corner of his mouth twitch, but that only makes your anger for him burn even more. After what he pulled back there…there was no chance in hell you were going to ever forgive him.
“Leave us,” he commands. The four men do as told, no questions asked. Still, you know they won’t be far off, in case anything happens.
Erwin approaches you, stopping within an arm-length’s difference.
“I believe I asked for your name? Seeing that I’ve given you mine, isn’t it only polite for you to extend that same courtesy to me?”
“And you’re
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 355 51
[Chapter 7] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
“I’m sorry,” you mumble, unable to look Levi in the eye. Like Isabel, he’s gazing out the window, but where she’s looking in awe, he’s regarding the streets in silent distaste and possible discomfort. Guilt slaps you in the face when you realize it’s all your fault. Had you not acted on impulse, you could have saved them and avoided capture. You bite your lower lip, drawing a prick of blood.
“Don’t be,” Farlan reassures from his seat across you. “It’s not your fault, [First]. We would have been captured anyway, and if you hadn’t come running along, we would have been separated. It’s better to be together, don’t you think?”
“But if I’d told you sooner that I wasn’t sick, you wouldn’t have gone out to get medicine for me. You wouldn’t have run into members of the Survey Corps and-”
“Hey. We were bound to run into these guys sooner or later. At s
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 361 55
[Chapter 6] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
You fist the covers and pull it over your mouth, shivering. The cold is starting to seep through the blanket, and despite your body forming a ball, it’s still cold. You let out a huff of annoyance, and your eyes shoot open. Isabel is resting peacefully beside you, and Farlan has his back turned to her. The steady rise and fall of his shoulders tells you that he’s sleeping as well.
If only I could sleep insouciantly like them. You muse to yourself, turning so that you are facing away from them. You expect to see Levi’s back, but you are met with nothing but the rumpled sheets where he once slept. Gingerly, you roll onto your stomach and scan the area for any signs of the dark-haired male. He’s nowhere in sight, so, as carefully and as quietly as you can, you leave the safety of the blankets and trail outside.
You are met by the shine of the moon, and you pause for a moment to admire the beautiful, silvery orb. The longer you watch it, the more you forget w
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 384 42
[Chapter 5] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
You heave out a long sigh as you wring the remaining liquid off your hair, feeling refreshed. Isabel hands you a towel, and you gratefully accept it, bringing the soft cloth to your wet skin as you begin drying yourself off. You were pushing the cloth to your hair when Isabel suddenly speaks up.
“You know, Brother does care about you. About all of us,” she adds quickly when you give her a weird look.
“What brought this on?” you wonder aloud, swapping the towel for your shirt. She shrugs.
“Well, you kinda looked disappointed when he tossed the apple back. I know it seemed like he was rejecting you and all, but that’s just his way of putting others’ well-being before his. He’s always been like that, or at least, he’s always been like that to the ones he cares about.”
“Oh?” you pull on your boots, sounding intrigued. Isabel takes notice and grins.
“Yep~ So just be patient with Brother! He’ll come around wi
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 433 121
[Chapter 4] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
Several days had passed since you met Levi, Isabel, and Farlan. You’d gradually warmed up to them, and were now on a more comfortable speaking term with Isabel and Farlan. Levi was another story. It seemed that the closer you got to the group, the more he pushed you away. Isabel tried to convince you that that was ‘just Levi,’ so you left the issue alone. The two of you only spoke when it was absolutely necessary, and those times were few. That was good, or so you tried to convince yourself.
Your wound no longer bothered you as much as before, and you could now walk without a limp. Currently, you were soaring above the capital of the Underground with Isabel at your side as she mentored you in your training with the 3DMG.
“Now this is the tricky part, so follow me carefully,” she explains, retracting the wire from where it was attached to a building. She takes out her handgrips, pointing it at a perpendicular wall, and you copy her. She squeezes the trigger
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 393 82
[Chapter 3] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
A woman holding a child’s hand watches your group with wary, hateful eyes. A man is slumped over on the wall beside her, and if it weren’t for the steady rising and falling of his chest, you would have thought that he was dead.
“It seems like the conditions only get worse day after day,” Isabel comments quietly as she scans her surroundings. You silently agree with her, but the sight is nothing new. You’ve lived with this for as long as you could remember. You knew this district was dying, and the people who were a part of it were no exception. With each passing year, less people loitered the streets. They either died of starvation, or were captured by the Military Police. Such was the fate of those who lived in the Underground.
While you’re lost in your thoughts, you notice Farlan subtly inching closer to you. Your first instinct is to increase the distance between the two of you, but that proves too difficult when you’re sandwiched between hi
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 440 84
[Chapter 1] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
“Hey! You! Get back here!” a plump, middle-aged man wearing an apron yells as you sprint down the street. His words only make you run faster, but as you speed up, you can hear his steps starting to slow until finally, he comes to a complete stop. A string of curses race after you, but his vulgar language doesn’t faze you. All you care about is not getting caught, so when your eye catches an indent in the wall of buildings, and after one final glance back to make sure the man isn’t following you, you slink from the desolate streets into an abandoned alleyway. Sliding your back against the wall, you gulp in some much needed air before you set the stolen bag down, sifting hastily through its contents.
Much to your disappointment, all you pull out are two loaves of bread. You’d been hoping to get your hands on some meat; it’s been a while since you had any, and besides, bread was easy to get - it was meat that people guarded with their lives. Sighing, yo
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 978 142
[Chapter 2] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
As soon as I remove the bullet, we leave,” Levi says, pushing Farlan out of the way as he kneels down in front of you.  
The ginger nods, and scampers out of the sewers. Farlan looks at you for a moment longer, then follows her out. You watch them go, tensing again. Is this a trap after all? Your attention is diverted to Levi when you feel him grab your leg none-too-gently.
Suddenly feeling nervous, you look towards the ceiling. Wait, does he plan on removing the bullet now? You flinch when Levi turns your leg over, fingers skimming the surface for the wound. Wordlessly, he pries the bullet from your calf, and you can’t help but let out a screech at the burning sensation that shoots up your leg. It’s over sooner than you think, and you lean back against the slab of rock to catch your breath. You wince when Levi’s hand reaches towards your midsection, but you don’t resist when he grasps the end of your
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 494 51
Kirito x Reader (SAO)
You were going home from school on a Friday, tired of all the school work.
As you were passing by a store, hundreds of people were lined outside.
You knew what they wanted to buy, Sword Art Online.
You ran home, changed into a blue skirt and white top.
You turned on the television and a lot of reporters were discussing about SAO.
You turned it off, layed down in bed, put on the nervegear and shouted "Link start!"
You chose a pre-made avatar.
You had pink, wavy hair, purple eyes, and a blue katana.
You saw a beautiful scenery, on a wide grassland.
You knew this place for you were a beta tester.
In a while, you realized it was almost time for dinner.
You were about to log out when... you realized it was gone.
Suddenly, a blue light lifted you up and you were teleported to the town of beginnings.
"W-why am I here?" you ask yourself. It was a forced teleportation.
Red warnings surround the place and the gamemaster appears.
He explains it shortly but briefly.
"I am Akihiko Kayaba, the gamem
:iconotakuclyreeedm:OtakuClyreeEDM 212 100


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Yuri Plisetsky x reader Flirting on ice chapter 1

Pair skating

(Y/n) your name

(e/c) Eye colour

(Y/c) your country

(r/s) Romantic song

(f/c) favourite colour

(f/s) favourite smell

Hey ya It's Mimi here. Hope you are enjoying flirting on ice. I publish this on deviant,wattpad and quotev. I do not own yuri plisetsky but I do own my story plots.^_^ favorite this and live a comment. comment so ideas for this story, some good points and bad points I can improve on. TYTY :P -Mimi J


Chapter 1

Yuri danced on the ice freely as if a bird flying in the sky. (Y/n) plop herself on her elbow on the rink and gazed at Yuri’s flawless figure skating. Yuri skated like the music was part of him,and he was part of the music. As he do a quad loop his hair flip with grace and beauty.You started to day dream, your (e/c) eyes fixed on the skater.Beautiful, his figure skating was simply beautiful, you have no words to discribe it. Then a loud voice boom,it made you snap out of your peaceful day dream. “ (Y/n) get back to practice, don’t you have to perfect your triple axel?” Couch Vakov demanded.

“Y-yes” You stutter,and  regain your composer, how embarrassing getting caught gazing at the famous Russian fairy, you went to the bench and put on your skates. Looking up at yuri doing a toe loop, ‘ He is so amazing isn’t he’ you thought, ‘ The Russian fairy nickname fits him so well, especially on ice, The way he skate is just so graceful’.

“(Y/n)” Vakov said.

“Yes, coming”Your cheeks flush red.

You enter the rink and skate off . You skate around the rink warming up, sneaking glances at Yuri ‘Stop, you might end up getting caught looking at him again’ you shake your head violently your cheeks blazing hot even though the room was cold. You take a deep breath and then relax your shoulder doing a toe loop as a starter.

You were a  (y/c) figure skater, but your coach was Russian,coach Yavok . You were always intrigue about figure skating,when you were little you watched people figure skating on tv and it looked as if they were flying.It inspire you to started figure skate. You swing your arms to a triple lutz. You were deep in thought and you let it flow through you onto the ice.

“That enough, (Y/n)”Yakov voice scared you making you over rotate your flip. “You are not concentrating enough today (Y/n), stop being an airhead.”

“Yes” If it weren’t coach Yakov you would have threw a fit and endless smartass words their way till they were on their knees crying for forgiveness, but no it was coach Yakov, one of the scariest coach you ever had, he was tough,strict and scary with his fearsome face, but if you were to compare Lilia with Yakov, Yakov suddenly looks like an angel from above,minus his scary face.

Lilia nod her head at Yakov. “Yuri , (Y/n) ,come here” He called you two over.

“You two will enter the Faire la paire  at France, Paris, a pair competition together”

“Huh?!”Yuri sound surprise.Pair skating? But we never did that. Faire la paire? ‘ I think I heard of it from somewhere before’.

“Pair?! Why?! I never did does things anyway!” Yuri frown while drinking from his water bottle.You stared at Yuri catching him looking at you from the end of his turquoise eyes, he looked away immediately.

“ That’s why you’re going learn it!” Yakov raise his voice at the smartass Russian punk.Yakov huff in annoyance.

“ I already choreography your dancing routine to the song (r/s)”Lilia spoke determinately and strong. “This is a romantic song about two lovers who secretly in love each other, but too shy to show it. The story is mainly them flirting with one another, at the end they end up together.”

“Blehhh” Yuri stuck his tongue out “ What a sappy story, that’s not me at all,hmp”

Lilia look directly at him, “So?Even Victor can do various style and taste of music,why can’t you do this “sappy” music of yours”.Yuri puff his cheek madly.

Ignoring Yuri attitude Lilia continue, “At the end of the song when the lovers are together, you two will end it with a kiss”.

“Ehhh” It was now your time to be surprise.

“Why” Yuri flushed red, butting in,looking anywhere but you.You two were pretty close, you could even say friend, if it weren’t for the fact that you had a crush on Yuri.

“ If you want to win the competition” Lilia started-

“Okay!” Yuri cuted her, “If that’s ok with you” Yuri voice soften down,facing you but averting his eyes to the side.

“Y-ye-yeah” cursing yourself for stuttering , “That’s fine” you tried playing it off cool.

“ The competition is in 2 month, (Y/n) and Yuri will be moving in with me so we could practice” Lilia spoke, “That include you Yakov” Yakov gave a surprise sound. “ But that doesn’t mean we are getting back together” Lilia spoke sternly making Yakov embarrass.

“O-Of Course not” Yakov crossed his arms over his chest.



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